Welcome to the OpenFEC.org project!

AL-FEC in a nutshell...

This site deals with Application-Level Forward Erasure Correction codes, or AL-FEC (also called UL-FEC, for Upper-Layers FEC). The idea, in one line, is to add redundancy in order to be able to recover from erasures. Because of their position in the communication stack, these codes are implemented as software codecs, and they find many applications in robust transmission and distrituted storage systems.

OpenFEC.org goals

The goals of the OpenFEC.org project are to:

  • share IPR-free, open, AL-FEC codes (see our note on patents);
  • share high performance, ready-to-use, open, free, C-language, software codecs;
  • share versatile and automated performance evaluation environments;
  • share useful documents and tutorials on AL-FEC codes;
  • be a privileged place for discussion on AL-FEC codes.

Intended audience

The content of this site is intended to be used by:

  • users who do not want to know AL-FEC scheme details but do need to use one of them in the software they are designing;
  • users who want to test new codes or new encoding or decoding techniques, and who do know what they are doing and are looking for;
  • users who need to do extensive tests for certain AL-FEC schemes in a given use-case, with a well defined channel model.